Top 5 Pet Wellness Tips

October is Pet Wellness month so now is a great time to share the best tips Veterinarian Jose has for you to keep your pet healthy!

  1. Proper nutrition/exercise - Does this sound familiar? If nutrition and exercise are important to humans they are also important for your pets. Learn more about the food and treats you give your pets to make sure they are as healthy as they can be. Feeding your pet table scraps is one of the worst things you can do for their health. Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise! Not only is this a health benefit but exercise also helps make your pet happy, which means you will be happier too!

  2. Dental hygiene - Dental disease is a serious issue for pets and is often associated with heart disease and kidney failure. If your pet will allow you to brush their teeth this is a great preventative step. If your pet won’t, make sure to schedule cleanings with the veterinarian or take advantage of non-anesthetic cleanings that are offered around your community. Tip: Ask us about when our next non-anesthetic cleaning will be scheduled.

  3. Vaccinations/parasite prevention - Keeping your pet up to date on all of their vaccinations helps prevent illnesses. Fleas, ticks, and heartworm prevention is important year round, it isn’t only a seasonal issue as some pet owners believe. It is important for all pets, indoor or outdoor, to receive these treatments because any exposure to parasites can cause them harm.

  4. Preventing Ear Infections - An ear infection is typically a sign that there is another issue going on with your pet, especially if they are recurring. They could be caused by allergies, foreign objects in the ear, hormonal or autoimmune diseases. A yeast infection will cause inflammation, and can potentially cause a secondary bacterial infection, which further worsens the inflammation. Keep the ears clean and dry (especially when dogs have floppy ears!) so that yeast isn’t allowed to grow. Drying inside the ears is important after baths and swimming.

  5. Spay/Neuter your pet when they are young - Higher concentrations of estrogen/testosterone can lead to a higher risk of cancers and other diseases as pets age. Pets that have been spayed/neutered younger tend to have longer lifespans which means you get to enjoy your pet longer!