Road Trip: 6 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Last year we traveled across country from Salt Lake City, Utah to our new home in Sarasota, FL. This was a 5 day road trip with our very large dog Porter (130-ish pounds). Porter has always loved the car but I was concerned about how he would handle such a long road trip. He spent time in the car before but in much shorter periods. These are the things I did to make our trip more comfortable and to make sure Porter would continue loving the car afterwards!

  1. Make sure to pack plenty of food, water, and treats. Don’t forget the bowls! When food/treats are left in the heat they can spoil easily so pack them in an airtight container. Always take them inside with you instead of leaving them in the car if temperatures are hot.

  2. Try to keep the feeding schedule as consistent and routine as possible. If you normally feed your pets by a certain time, try to do the same on the road. A normal routine helps keep your pet calm even when the surroundings may be different. They may be less inclined to eat like they do at home so don’t be alarmed if they don’t eat much or skip a meal. Don’t use this as a reason to give them more treats than usual as this could upset their stomach.

  3. If your pet has a favorite blanket, toy, or bed, it is good to take them with you. This will make your pet more comfortable in the car and hotels by having something they love and are familiar with.

  4. Does your pet get anxious about car rides or unfamiliar places? Try giving them CBD to help keep them calm or talk to your Vet about options. Take frequent breaks from the car by giving them a walk or letting them run around a dog park if you do this at home.

  5. Download an app that will help you locate dog parks and pet friendly hotels or restaurants. This was the most helpful advice I received. I used the app called BringFido but there are others out there…find the one you like. Hotels charge different pet fees, some are free, do your research to find the best accommodations for you and your pet!

  6. If you think your dog may get dirty we carry wipes. waterless shampoos, or scented sprays in the store. These can help keep them clean (or at least smelling good!). Nothing like a smelly, dirty dog to make a road trip miserable! In fact, throw in a few towels or grab a Soggy Doggy to also help clean up a dirty dog before they get back in the car.

Hope you all have had a great summer! If a road trip is in your near future, enjoy!