5 Tips for Maintenance in Between Grooms

With Father’s Day approaching I started thinking about how lucky dad’s are when it comes to grooming. They get haircuts every few weeks, they do a quick finger brush of their hair as they are running out the door, and most of them use one product for shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, shave cream…lucky them! For the rest of us grooming takes a little more work. This is especially true for dogs. Dogs typically get groomed every 4-6 weeks, depending on their coat and their play time (some get dirtier more often than others!!). There are things you can do at home to help maintain their groom until their next grooming appointment. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use proper tools for your pet’s coat (consider length and type of fur). Use a good quality brush/comb.

  2. Only use shampoo for pets (not people products, these can be irritating to pets).

  3. Brush your pet 3-5 times per week. If you bathe them at home make sure you brush them thoroughly before bathing. This will keep matting to a minimum, and keep more money in your wallet at your pets next groom!

  4. Use this time to bond with your pet. If they don’t like you brushing them they definitely don’t like the groomer to do it! Get them familiar brushing at home so they have a better grooming experience.

  5. You can also use this time to check your pet for any health issues. Look in their ears (we see a lot of ear infections!), inspect their paws, check around their body for anything unusual.

Don’t have tools to do this at home? We have them in our store! Have more questions? We have answers! Our staff is very knowledgable and can help with your pet maintenance questions.

Warm Woofs

20 Reasons Why Your Pet's Grooming Costs More Than Yours

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, many people turn to giving the gift of a spa retreat to our hard working mom’s, and those relaxing spa days are well deserved! If only the same excitement of the spa came from your pet! Some spa trips can be stressful for dogs (cats too!) and maybe the below list is part of the reason why. A lot happens during a pet groom and some of it isn’t very pleasant for your fur-kids (or for the groomer!)…definitely not quite as relaxing as your day at the spa. Read on for some funny (and not so funny!) reasons why your pet’s grooming costs more than yours. Hopefully you laugh at some of these on your next trip to the spa (pet or human). Happy Mother’s Day!

20 reasons why your pet’s grooming costs more than yours:
1. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a bath
2. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a manicure and pedicure
3. You don't try to bite or scratch your hairdresser
4. You don't wiggle, spin or try to jump out of the hairdresser' s chair
5. Your hairdresser only cuts the top of your head, not your whole body
6. You don't try to hump the hairdresser
7. Your hairdresser doesn't wipe boogies from your eyes
8. Your hairdresser doesn't pluck and clean your ears
9. Your hairdresser doesn't squeeze your anal glands
10. You don't poop or pee while you are getting your hair cut
11. Your hairdresser does not remove fleas or ticks
12. You don't go 6 weeks (or more) without brushing or washing your hair
13. Your hairdresser doesn't brush your teeth
14. You don't try to bite the clippers. scissors, brush, nail clippers, or dryer
15. It doesn't take 3 people to trim your nails
16. Your hairdresser doesn't have to de-matt your hair
17. Your hairdresser would never wash your butt
18. Your hair dresser doesn't give you a "sanitary trim"
19. Your hair dresser likely doesn’t have to deal with your bad odors (bad breath, glands, farts, infected ears)
20. You don't whine, howl, bark, snarl, meow or hiss while having all this done!

Prefer to bathe your pet at home? We carry all natural products in our store from shampoo/conditioner, to teeth cleaning, to brushes and more! You can create a spa in a place already familiar to your pet. Now talk about relaxing! Warm Woofs!